Sailing with 'Sophisticated Lady'

Share the Sail
Share the Sail

Are you looking for something a little more adventurous? Want to try sailing, but don't really want to be catered to? If what interests you is getting involved and 'learning the ropes', then have we got the answer for you!

Our Share-The-Sail adventures are quickly becoming our most popular holiday by far. In our experience, the guests who have the most fun, and the most memorable time aboard 'Sophisticated Lady' are the ones who love to jump in and get involved. You will share in all shipboard activities including cooking, cleaning, sailing, relaxing, lounging on deck with a cool tropical concoction in a new secluded place each night... everything that is Sailing you will get to experience first-hand!

Whether you just want to come out for a day or stay for a week, we can show you what it's like to live aboard a traveling sailboat and experience just how good a simpler life can be! We have 'Sophisticated Lady' set-up to be completely self-sufficient... between her 250Watts of Solar Power, and her 400Watt Wind Generator, she can remain independent of the dock indefinitely!

Once we show you more about her lines and systems, you'l feel right at home taking the wheel or controlling the sails and start to enjoy what the sailing life really has to offer... simplicity! You'll be given different responsibilities to match your interests and if you just want to hang out in cozy anchorages and barbeque every night, that's what we're going to do... remember, you're still the one in charge, 'Sophisticated Lady' is your own private yacht for the duration of your stay!

Don't worry about your adventure being limited to onboard 'Sophisticated Lady' though, you'll be visiting many interesting places along the way that you will be able to stop and explore to your hearts content.

Share-The-Sail adventures are not quoted on Our Rates page as the price will be reflective of the number in your group, and the anticipated level of involvement. They are less expensive than our fully Crewed Charters as they are not all-inclusive and you will be active crew aboard 'Sophisticated Lady' participating in all activities.

Send us some of the details about your planned stay aboard 'Sophisticated Lady' and we'll be happy to send you a quote!

Cheers, and we'll look forward to having you aboard!